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To install your SSL Certificate, perform the following steps:

Install CA Certificate

Copy the contents of the Intermediate to a file and save it as The file can be saved somewhere easy to access. For example: /usr/local/ssl

Install the SSL Certificate

Save the certificate file from AlphaSSL along with the Intermediate file into a directory on the server. For example: /usr/local/ssl

Creating a chained certificate is a matter of performing a few command line operations to 'cat' or combine your public certificate and the AlphaSSL Intermediate certificate together. These operations cannot currently be performed from the web Admin Interface. If your public certificate is in the file '' and the AlphaSSL Intermediate certificate is in the file '', type the following command:  
cat > 

Open the Zeus Web Controller. (For example: http://serverzeus:9090)

From the left-hand menu click SSL Certificates.

Open the file that was created earlier and copy all of the text. Paste this into the certificate text box.

Click Ok

Your SSL Certificate will now be installed