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To install your SSL Certificate, perform the following steps:

From the Admin's Console, click Server.

Click Security.

Click the Certificates link.

Click the Install link next to Install/Renew Certificate.

Click the Add new certificate button at the bottom of the screen.

Copy the certificate and key and paste them into the appropriate box.

The first step is in the box with the subject “Paste the new certificate in the PEM format (for Apache + mod_ssl) here “ you need to paste your certificate.

Following this in the box with the subject “Paste the corresponding cryptographic key in PEM format here “ you need to place your private key that you previously generated.

Then if you have placed a pass phase on the certificate request in the box with the subject “Enter password here “ you will need to place your password you have specified in this field.

In the box with the subject “Optionally, put your intermediate certificate chain here (in the PEM format)” you need to place the intermediate root certificate from the GlobalSign website.

Click the "Go" Button

Your SSL Certificate will now be installed