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To install the AlphaSSL Root Certificates, perform the following steps:

Create a text file (notepad or shell editor) with the GlobalSign Root CA Certificate followed by the AlphaSSL intermediate certificate directly below it. It will look like this:

GlobalSign Root CA Certificate
AlphaSSL intermediate Certificate

Save as AlphaSSLroot.crt

Save the file to apache/conf/ssl/ - when installed the directory will look like: apache/conf/ssl/AlphaSSLroot.crt

STOP your apache server.

Locate the httpd.conf file and open it in a text editor

Locate the SSLCaCertificateFile directive in the httpd.conf file and remove the leading # from the line.

Modify the path at the end of the line to reference the location where you saved the AlphaSSLroot.crt file.

For example: SSLCaCertificateFile /usr/local/ apache/conf/ssl/AlphaSSLroot.crt

Restart Apache


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